Since IACCM has been established in 1997 around 230 international researchers and practitioners have joined IACCM and contributed substantially to the establishment of the network as it exists today. We would like to thank all members in the association for their continuous promotion to this day! For a long time, membership to IACCM has been free of charge. In Vienna and at the various conference places a relatively large number of volunteers contributed time and efforts without any pay, and members of the board were busy to find sponsors for specific events. We are most grateful for the valuable support and want to thank all those who contributed with their efforts to the existence of IACCM!

However, given the relatively large number of members, the financial basis has become too fragile to persist in the long run. To secure the activities of the association in the future the board of IACCM has decided in 2006 to ask its members for a financial contribution of 70 EUR per year. Your financial support will enable IACCM to continue in serving as a platform and a network for scientific exchange in the realms of cross-cultural topics and related areas with a special focus on management issues.

With the contribution from our members, we can secure our core activities - the organization of conferences and the publication of the European Journal of Cross-Cultural Competence and Management (EJCCM) – but also to offer our members an improved service in the future. IACCM members will receive each newly published volume of the European Journal of Cross-Cultural Competence and Management free of charge (online access). Furthermore IACCM members will get reduced fees for IACCM conferences at different locations.

Becoming a Member

Becoming a member or prolonging your membership

If you are already an IACCM member and would like to pay the fee of the current year, please consider the payment details below. Please send an e-mail to

iaccm@wu.ac.at with the following information:

1) your name

2) corresponding e-mail address

3) affiliation & country

Besides, please send us with this mail the confirmation of payment of the membership fee. Furthermore, we invite you to sign up for our newsletter online here.

Payment of your membership fee

Please make an online payment to our account stating the purpose “Membership fee, first name, last name”  (e.g. "Membership fee, John Doe").

Account Details:

Account number73-10498
IBANAT74 2011 1000 0731 0498
BankErste Bank
AccountholderIACCM / Internationale Vereinigung zur Erforschung interkultureller Kompetenz und interkulturellem Management
Amount70,-- EURO
PurposeMembership fee, first name, last name