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Research Seminar in Economics

Researcher of the Month: Christoph Weiss

Does this sound familiar to you? You’re on vacation, looking for a nice place to enjoy a pizza. In all likelihood, you’ll end up paying too much for your pizza – much more than the locals, who simply have better information about which restaurants nearby offer good value. This goes to show that having more information is a clear advantage, which is confirmed by the work of our Researcher of the Month, WU Professor Christoph Weiss. As our March Researcher of the Month, Professor Weiss shares interesting insights into his work. Watch his Researcher of the Month 2021 video to find out what an expensive pizza in a tourist hot spot has to do with pricing in competitive markets.

Prof.Dr. Christoph Weiss received the Excellent Teaching Award 2020

Prof.Dr. Christoph Weiss received the Excellent Teaching Award 2020. The Excellent Teaching Award gives special weight to our students’ opinions, because they are the ones who propose faculty members for this award. After expiration of the nomination period, the students’ submissions are forwarded to a jury that selects the winners based on course syllabi, evaluation results, and the reasons given in the students’ proposal.

Lukas Pirnbacher, BSc., received the Talenta Award 2020

Lukas Pirnbacher, BSc, former bachelor's student at the institute, received the Talenta Award for his bachelor's thesis „Die Nachfrage nach Produktvielfalt: Empirische Evidenz zu den Effekten von Bildungs- und Einkommensungleichheit“. The Talenta Awards, provided by the WU Anniversary Fund of the City of Vienna, honor the three best bachelor’s and master’s theses completed at WU in the past calendar year. The selection criteria are excellence, relevance to society, accessibility, and diversity.

WU Competence Day 2015: Economic Thinking - Research at Department of Economics

The guest speakers Karl Aiginger (WIFO) and Christian Keuschnigg (Universität St. Gallen) will hold lectures on "Economic Thinking und Wirtschaftspolitik". WUtv
Ludger Wössmann (LMU Munich) will talk about "The Knowledge Capital of Nations: Education and the Economics of Growth". WUtv

Date:December 16th, 2015
Time: 10 am -7 pm
Location: Building LC, Campus WU

German business daily Handelsblatt recognizes WU's Department of Economics

The German business daily Handelsblatt published the annual ranking of economics departments and business school professors. WU placed well again in 2011: WU’s Department of Economics came in at an excellent 14th place among the 25 best and most productive research institutions in the German-speaking world. In the published “Economists Ranking 2011”, six WU researchers - Harald Badinger, Ulrich Berger, Jesus Crespo Cuaresma, Manfred Fischer, Klaus Gugler and Christoph Weiss - are included among the top 250 researchers in the category “Lifetime Achievement”.