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General Information

The following pages contain specific content from the Department of Economics. General information about the individual programs can be found on the central WU homepage.

Teaching at the Department of Economics is characterized by the many different subjects taught and the variety of methods applied. The Department takes a very practical, empirical and political-oriented approach to instruction.

The Department of Economics is active on all three levels of the curricular structure (Bachelor's, Master's and doctoral/PhD programs).

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The department also offers a contact point for students of economics at WU, the Center for Students of Economics (VW-Zentrum).

Overview of the programs:

Problems during studies

Here you find information about various contact points in case of problems during your studies. In case of need, the contact points and contact persons in the document should provide you assistance and an overview.

First impression on the topics

For a first impression on the topics offered in our programs, please feel free to watch the video on Macroeconomics by Professor Klaus Prettner.


Macroeconomics: The goods market

If you are further interested, you can find many more videos here:

Introductory Macroeconomics (Bachelor level)
Advanced Macroeconomics (Bachelor level)
Advanced Macroeconomics (Master level)