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Visiting Research Scholars - for PhD candidates

The Visiting Research Scholars Program for PhD. students is intended for current Ph.D. students who are alredy sufficiently proficient in their disciplines. Applicants must be doctoral students who are near the end of their required coursework or in the dissertation phase. Any graduate degrees or extensive work experience is favorable.


Applicants should apply at least 5 months prior to their intended visit. Please provide your full postal address and email address and/or current fax number. Along with their application, applicants must send the following additional information in a separate file/on a separate page to denisse.vincke@wu.ac.at

  • Current resume (CV)

  • List and (electronic) copies of publications

  • Brief statement describing research proposal and reasons for visit

  • Home faculty advisor name, email address and phone number

  • Copy of doctoral program transcript

  • Requested research period (1st choice) and alternative date (if first choice is not available)

download detailed description as PDF file:

PDF: Information for visiting researchers
PDF: Information for visiting researchers