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WU Tax Law Technology Conference

Tax & Technology: Academic Perspectives and Implications for Tax Practice

February 6-7, 2023

WU, Vienna

Tax transformation projects are high on the agenda for the current decade. Tax Law Technologies are challenging the application of existing international tax rules. Furthermore, technologies help to increase efficiency and tax compliance as well as to refocus attention on decision-making processes. These factors will change the way of working and legal settings in future.

In general, technologies allow even greater automation for accounting, taxes and customs applications. Analytics and business intelligence (ABI) platforms extend the vision for analytics beyond simply providing datasets and presenting dashboards to providing enriched, contextual insights that will deliver business value. Digital innovations from areas such as Artificial Intelligence or Blockchain can be interwoven with existing applications to transform the tax function to the next level. But identifying such trends alone is not enough. We need to understand their significance and track down the dynamics in the global context in order to derive strong use cases.

This conference will explore the challenges and opportunities of using technology in the context of tax types-specific issues and use cases. The starting point of the individual sessions are research questions derived from practice, which were answered in the context of master theses of the postgraduate WU LL.M. program “Digitalization & Tax Law”. The state of research will open the panel discussion between representatives from business, academia and tax administration.

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