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The Impact of Bilateral Investment Treaties on Taxation, Rust (2015)

The Institute for Austrian and International Tax Law Vienna in cooperation with the Doctoral Program for International Business Taxation and the WU Global Tax Policy Center has organized a conference entitled:

“The Impact of Bilateral Investment Treaties on Taxation”

which was held in the city of Rust (Burgenland, Austria) from July 2 to 4, 2015.

The conference focused on the tax aspects of bilateral investment treaties which, in most cases, provide the investor with the unique opportunity to directly initiate an international settlement of dispute process, also known as investor-state dispute settlement. The conference brought tax aspects of bilateral investment treaties into light which have significant unexplored aspects. The increasing number of tax related investment disputes is a clear indicator of an urgent necessity to identify and examine the issues emerging in this area in an academic context.

We are grateful that outstanding experts from more than 20 jurisdictions have agreed to present their country’s present legal situation. The conference was preceded by a DIBT Doctorate workshop for international PhD students in this area to present their research.

Please find the conference questionnaire and program below:

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