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July 10-11, 2024 Conference on Tax and Good Governance 2015-2024

The WU Global Tax Policy Center at the Institute for Austrian and International Tax Law is pleased to invite you to the conference on “Tax & Good Governance” organised in cooperation with the UNODC and the World Bank.

This 2-day conference (which will be held entirely in English) is hosted by WU GTPC and will take place in Vienna on July 10 - 11, 2024.

Location:  LC Building - Ceremonial Hall 1 at the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU).

This meeting is part of a long standing cooperative program between the three organizations which addresses the way that illicit financial flows undermine the ability of African governments to achieve the SDG. The program brings together government, business, academia and CSO to tackle corruption, bribery, money laundering, tax crimes and other forms of illicit activities in Africa. For more details please refer to the brochure of the project.

Building on the previous stages, the third stage of the program, Good Governance in a Digital and Open Trading Environment (DOTE) 2021-2024 focuses on how to address tax transparency and corruption using new technologies in an era of increased trade liberalization from the perspective of tax administrations, FIUs, trade and tax policymakers, businesses and CSOs. The project consists of three related objectives:

  1. Using new technologies to transform the way that African countries combat IFFs.

  2. Empowering African countries to develop regulatory frameworks that minimize the risk of increased IFFs in the free trade area by harmonizing regulation and administrative practices.

  3. Increasing the effectiveness of civil society organizations (CSOs) in the new digital and open trade environment to curb IFFs.


All of these stages of the project continue to reflect the practical approach of the project which has been particularly valuable to the current discussion regarding the need for developing countries to increase financing for sustainable development and the broader Post-COVID environment by broadening their tax bases, targeting evasion and abusive practices and reducing the cost of IFFs. The objective of this conference is to present the final findings and outcome of the project, whilst transitioning the project into African based institutions.

This final conference in the series will be used to review what has been achieved since 2015 and to identify ways in which African based institutions can continue this work drawing upon the extensive network of contacts that have been developed.

If you need additional information on the event please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Tibor Kallay at tibor.kallay@wu.ac.at or Ms. Alba Bejleri at alba.bejleri@wu.ac.at