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Logo: IFA - International Fiscal Association

What is the International Fiscal Association (IFA)?

The International Fiscal Association (IFA) was established in 1938 with its headquarters in the Netherlands. It is the only non-governmental and non-sectoral international organisation dealing with fiscal matters. IFA has now nearly 13,000 members out of more than 100 countries. In many countries, there are IFA branches established. Every year, an annual congress is organized, which takes place in different cities throughout the world.

IFA Austria

IFA Austria is the Austrian branch of the IFA consisting of all IFA members resident in Austria. It represents their interests within the IFA and helps to support the objectives of the IFA in Austria.

Executive Committee

  • President: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Michael Lang

  • Vice-presidents:

    • Dipl. Ing. Mag. Friedrich Rödler

    • Mag. Alfred Heiter

    • Mag. Reinhard Leitner

  • Board Members:

    • Prof. Dr. Stefan Bendlinger

    • Mag. Horst Bergmann

    • Dr. Thomas Ecker

    • Mag. Dieter Habersack

    • Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Daniela Hohenwarter-Mayr, LL.M.

    • Mag. Gabriela Holzinger

    • Mag. Herbert Houf

    • Prof. Min.-Rat Dr. Heinz Jirousek

    • Univ.-Prof. DDr. Georg Kofler

    • Dr. Ralf Kronberger

    • MR Prof. Dr. Helmut Loukota

    • Dr. Christoph Marchgraber

    • Mag. Christina Reichart 

    • Dr. Roland Rief

    • Mag. Reinhard Rindler, LL.M.

    • Univ.-Prof. Dr. Alexander Rust

    • Dr. Sabine Schmidjell-Dommes

    • Univ.-Prof. Dr. Karoline Spies

    • Univ.-Prof. Dr. Claus Staringer

    • Univ.-Lektor Dr. Franz Sutter

    • Dr. Peter Unger

    • Mag. Christine Weinzierl

    • DDr. Hans Zöchling

Annual IFA Congress

IFA seeks to achieve these objects through its Annual Congresses and the scientific publications relating thereto as well as through scientific research. Although the operations of the IFA are essentially scientific in character, the subjects selected for the congress take account of current fiscal developments and changes in local legislation.

Wolfgang Gassner Science Prize

IFA Austria annually offers the Wolfgang Gassner Science Prize for habilitations, dissertations, diploma thesis and other scientific papers in the field of International tax law. This prize is awarded in the form of sponsorship prizes and scholarships for attending the annual IFA congress.