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Responsible Innovation Stories: New interview series with responsibility experts launched


“Responsible Innovation Stories” is the new interview series on Responsible Innovation in the ICT sector that the Institute for Managing Sustainability has recently launched. Each week’s story features a different responsibility champion from academia, industry and policy. Their diverse backgrounds and renowned expertise offers fascinating insights into technological solutions to societal challenges that will shape our future lives.

The Institute for Managing Sustainability has launched an exciting new interview series on Responsible Innovation in the ICT sector: “Responsible Innovation Stories”. As a part of the LIVING INNOVATION initiative, this weekly newsletter features insightful and inspiring expert interviews that grant viewers unique perspectives on pressing societal issues and developments.

Our interview partners represent a wide array of topics, such as responsible innovation and ICT, smart homes and smart health, and sustainability and business ethics. They answer questions, like “How can values of democracy, human rights and sustainability shape the global race for innovation?”, or “Are technologies like Artificial Intelligence or the Internet of Things socially desirable?”. André Martinuzzi, coordinator of LIVING INNOVATION and head of the Institute for Managing Sustainability, conducts these interviews with high-level experts, leading researchers, as well as top-level business practitioners and policymakers. Among our interviewees are:

  • Alex Pentland, Professor at MIT and world famous data scientist, who talks about the social fabric of innovation,

  • Sabine Herlitschka, CEO at Infineon Austria, who offers a top manager’s perspective on Responsible Innovation, and

  • Robert Madelin, former director general of DG Connect and DG Sanco, who discusses a common vision for European innovation based on European values.


Through their different backgrounds and expertise, our interviewees offer diverse perspectives on today’s biggest societal challenges, such as sustainability transitions and the ICT sector’s role therein, value-based innovation, despite global competition, and the societal desirability of key technologies like Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things. While they differ in their approaches and views, what unites them is their aim of anchoring the innovation of technological solutions to societal problems firmly in the concept of responsibility.

This is also the aim of LIVING INNOVATION (LIV_IN), a project funded by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 programme. By bringing together responsibility champions in the ICT sector with researchers and, importantly, citizens and stakeholders, LIV_IN aspires to initiate and maintain a co-creation process of the technology that will shape our future lives – in a responsible way.

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