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Panel discussion with actor and cabaret artist Florian Scheuba on "Humor and Sustainability"


Humor attracts attention, triggers positive emotions, and strengthens group cohesion. In contrast, environmental protection and social responsibility are often perceived as a "buzz kill". American late-night comedy today reaches more young people than daily newspapers and other conventional media. The Institute for Managing Sustainability would like to use this type broad impact and utilize humor and sustainability in its current courses.

The cabaret artist, author, and actor Florian Scheuba was a guest during the course Sustainable Development (Master Management) and shared his many years of experience working with satire and humor. In a discussion with André Martinuzzi, Head of the Institute for Managing Sustainability, Florian Scheuba spoke about his career as a cabaret artist. He offered interesting insights into the craft of humor, the possibilities and limitations of satire, and reported on the effects of his programs and plays on his audience and society.

Subsequently, the audience, consisting of students, researchers from WU Vienna and sustainability experts, made extensive use of the opportunity to ask Florian Scheuba further interesting questions. The audience discussion was moderated by Norma Schönherr, project manager at the Institute for Managing Sustainability.

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