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“We regret to inform you that…”

As the end of term is nearing, each day brings a new refusal: “Unfortunately, your work experience is not sufficient” is one of the sentences you get to hear a lot. For Bachelor students in particular, it is important to complete internships and collect experiences. This can pose quite a challenge without the necessary contacts and in light of the strong competition at WU. All you need is a first chance. A report by Nina Peitler.

Shortly after finishing the ZuWI 2 course’s final two-day external seminar “ZuWi II: Corporate Social Responsibility – Sincere or PR gag?” I had a skype conversation about a summer internship, which had actually already been set. Surprisingly enough, I then got a refusal after all. Now what? Finding a good summer internship as late as April is close to impossible… When I was about to leave Payersbach-Reichenau, where the seminar had taken place, I coincidentally met Professor Dr. André Martinuzzi and told him about the refusal. Without hesitation, he called Ottobock’s head of marketing, an international firm he collaborates with in the LIV_IN project, and suggested me as an intern. That day, I could not have imagined that this would actually work out. Now, however, I am doing my internship at Ottobock’s Digital Marketing, happy about the chance to contribute to this innovative project.

I am very much looking forward to the coming weeks and the ensuing collaboration with the Institute for Managing Sustainability.

Nina Peitler, Bachelor student International Business Administration

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