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Help with internship placement


It is important to do internships and gain professional experiences, especially in undergraduate eduction. Finding suitable internships is not easy and often associated with setbacks. The Institute for Mangaging Sustainability helped me to get an exciting internship. A report by Nina Peitler.

Shortly after finishing the ZuWI 2 course’s final two-day external seminar “ZuWi II: Corporate Social Responsibility – Sincere or PR gag?” I had a skype conversation about a summer internship, which had actually already been set. Surprisingly enough, I then got a refusal after all. Now what? Finding a good summer internship as late as April is close to impossible… When I was about to leave Payersbach-Reichenau, where the seminar had taken place, I coincidentally met Professor Dr. André Martinuzzi and told him about the refusal. Without hesitation, he called Ottobock’s head of marketing, an international firm he collaborates with in the LIV_IN project, and suggested me as an intern. That day, I could not have imagined that this would actually work out. Now, however, I am doing my internship at Ottobock’s Digital Marketing, happy about the chance to contribute to this innovative project.

I am very much looking forward to the coming weeks and the ensuing collaboration with the Institute for Managing Sustainability.

Nina Peitler, Bachelor student International Business Administration

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