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Florian Findler is honored with the Stephan Koren Award


The Full Professors’ Association of the Vienna University of Economics and Business has awarded Florian Findler the Stephan Koren Award for his outstanding dissertation.

The Stephan Koren Award, endowed with EUR 4,000, is awarded annually to those graduates who, based on their dissertation and the entire course of their studies, have contributed to the excellent research reputation of the Vienna University of Economics and Business. The award is named after the economist and politician Stephan Koren. He was Austrian Minister of Finance (1968 - 1970), Parliamentary Leader of the People's Party  (1970 - 1978) and President of the Oesterreichische Nationalbank (1978 - 1988). The award was presented to Florian Findler at the academic graduation ceremony on December 17, 2021.

Florian Findler's dissertation entitled "Impacts of higher education institutions on sustainable development" comprises three articles published in peer-reviewed international journals. The dissertation aims to better integrate aspects of sustainable development in higher education institutions by addressing the impacts that higher education institutions have on the economy, the environment and society. This dissertation complements and extends the existing literature on sustainability management in higher education institutions, which has focused primarily on measures to improve sustainability performance within the organization. The three articles provide foundations for impact management by contributing to overcome conceptual ambiguities and providing new assessment frameworks.

Übergabe der Urkunde Stephan Koren Preis an Florian Findler
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