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Collaboration offer for companies on impact mapping


The Institute for Managing Sustainability offers 20 selected companies a collaboration with bachelor students to create an impact map in the context of their theses.

Companies have a variety of impacts on the environment, people, the economy and the future. Many of these impacts are under-represented in management systems and sustainability reports because they are caused by suppliers, the disposal of products or the application of a technology. Sustainability management and CSR requires companies to know such impacts, increasing the positive and avoiding negative ones as far as possible.

Many companies are aware of their responsibility for their impacts, but do not know how to get an overview of the range of their impacts. Impact mapping can support companies in this regard. The Institute for Managing Sustainability developed the method based on many years of experience and already tested it with companies such as Henkel CEE, Austrian Airlines, Brau Union and Vöslauer.

As part of their scientific theses, students develop an individual impact map for each of the participating companies. There are no costs to the companies and the impact maps can be used for training purposes and public relations.

For detailed information (in German) please follow this Link.

For further questions, please contact Florian Findler.

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