Institut für Nachhaltigkeitsmanagement


Head of Institute


a. Prof. Dr. André Martinuzzi
andre.martinuzzi (at)
Tel.: +43-1-31336-4698

Evaluation, CSR, Sustainable Development, Knowledge Brokerage

André Martinuzzi has more than 20 years of experience in coordination and leading EU-wide research projects for the European Commission, as well as for international organizations and ministries. He is an expert in the fields of evaluation research, CSR, sustainable development, and knowledge brokerage. As a member of the European Evaluation society, he leads the working group "Evaluating Sustainable Development" and coordinated many conferences in the frame of the "EASY-ECO – Evaluation of Sustainability" Programms. André is also a member of the CEMS faculty group "Business and the Environment" and of the German Academic Association for Business Research (VHB).

Research Team

Gabriela Ayala

Gabriala Ayala, MA

gabriela.ayala.jarrin (at)

Tel.: +43-1-31336-6435

Responsible Research, Innovation

Gabriela Ayala is involved in the EU Project Living Innovation focused on Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI). She holds a Joint Master’s Degree in Global Studies from the University of Vienna (AT) and the University of Wroclaw (PL). As part of her degree, she spent a semester at the Department of International Development Studies from Dalhousie University (CAN). 

She has experience with International Organisations and Ecuadorian NGOs in the areas of sustainable livelihoods and the socioeconomic effects of climate change. Her research interests revolve around the topics of social innovation and smart cities. She also has more than 2 years of experience in the area of translation. Gabriela’s native languages are Spanish and English. She also speaks German and Italian.

Noe Barriere

Noé Barriere, M.Sc.

noe.barriere (at)

+43 1 31336 – 6016

Sustainability in Global Supply Chains, Responsible Sourcing of Minerals 

Noé Barriere is currently working on the “RE-SOURCING” project funded by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 programme. The project focuses on the responsible sourcing of minerals and sustainability in global mineral supply chains. He studied “Politics, Philosophy and Economics” at the Royal Holloway University of London, where he became passionate about European sustainability policies. Afterwards he completed his Master in “Environment, Politics and Society” at the University College London (UCL). The focus of his dissertation was on the influence of corporate interests in the decision-making process of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) concerning emission reduction strategies.

Mag. Gerald Berger, MSc.
gerald.berger (at)

Tel.: +43-1-31336-4807

Sustainability Strategies, Minerals and Raw Material Policy, Good Governance

Gerald Berger is an expert in the areas of sustainability strategies, good governance and sustainable raw material production and use. As research area leader, he has many years of experience with EU-funded research projects, for example on the sustainable use of raw materials, as well as in the organization and moderation of Europe-wide conferences. In addition, Gerald leads the European Sustainable Development Network (ESDN), the largest European network of experts on sustainability strategies. After completing his Masters in Political Science at the University of Salzburg, as well as a Masters at the Cardiff University in Wales (UK) in Sustainability, Spatial Planning and Environmental Policy, he worked at numerous institutes, such as the Interdisciplinary Center for Comparative Research in Social Sciences - ICCR in Vienna (AT), Cardiff School of City and Regional Planning at Cardiff University in Wales (UK) and the Austrian Society for Environment and Technology (ÖGUT) in Vienna (AT).

Mag. Andreas Endl
andreas.endl (at)

Tel.: +43-1-31336-5452

Sustainable Consumption and Production, Minerals Policy, Governance

Andreas Endl's research topics include sustainable consumption and production, as well as good governance and commodity policy. During his studies at the University of Vienna (AT) and at the Free University of Brussels (BE) in human ecology, he has increasingly dealt with approaches to human-environment relations. In particular, his expertise lies in in the fields of environmental and ecosystem science (e.g., climatology, soil and water cycles) and social science disciplines (e.g., political science theories of social governance in the field of environment and sustainable development). Through his many years of work in EU-funded research projects, such as COBALT, MIN-GUIDE, and Minland, he has gained extensive experience in policy analysis in the resource sector and the design of workshop-based stakeholder and peer-learning processes.


Constanze Fetting, M.Sc.
constanze.fetting (at)
Tel.: +43-1-31336-6448

Sustainable Development Policy, Responsible Sourcing and Mining

Constanze Fetting is currently working on sustainable development policy as well as responsible sourcing of minerals and responsible mining. For the European Sustainable Development Network, she is responsible for writing the biannual reports and policy briefs. She studied Politics and International Studies at the University of Warwick where she focused on political economy and migration. After gaining work experience in France and Lebanon, she recently completed her Master degree in Socio-ecological economics and policy at WU Vienna. Her Master thesis focused on ways to combat energy poverty in Vienna.

Florian Findler, Ph.D.
florian.findler (at)
Tel.: +43-1-31336-5133

Corporate Sustainability, Sustainability in Higher Education

Florian Findler's research focuses on corporate sustainability and sustainability in universities. As part of his dissertation, he focuses in particular on Impact Assessment and Sustainable Development. Florian teaches in the seminar program ZuWi II and in the master program Management. In addition, he is the contact person for teaching and responsible for general student support. Florian studied management at the Universities of Marburg and Hohenheim (DE), as well as the BI Norwegian Business School (NO), which was combined with further study visits at the CBS in Copenhagen (DK) and the Jönköping International Business School (SE). He also worked as a research assistant at the Chair of Marketing & Business Development at the University of Hohenheim, as a freelancer in the Internet industry, and gained experience in international sales in the automotive industry. Before his studies, he was employed in the IT sector.

Dr. Michael Gizicki-Neundlinger
michael.gizicki-neundlinger (at)
Tel.: +43-1-31336-5717

Storytelling for Responsible Innovation, Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainable Resource Use

Michael Gizicki-Neundlinger's research focuses on the transformative potential of audio-visual storytelling in the field of Responsible Research and Innovation. He came to storytelling at a startup in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility. Prior to that, he earned his doctorate in social and human ecology, an interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary field of research on sustainable resource and land use. His dissertation dealt with the relationship between social inequality and soil fertility in local agroecosystems. During his research, he has always been engaged with the communication of complex scientific contents to specific target groups. During his master's thesis, the trained historian and anthropologist worked in historical urban research as well as in university management.

Mag. Markus Hametner
markus.hametner (at)

Tel.: +43-1-31336-5135

Monitoring and Evaluation, Sustainability Indicators

Markus Hametner's research focuses on monitoring and evaluating sustainable development and sustainability indicators. As research area leader, Markus has many years of experience with EU-funded projects from the European Commission and works mainly on indicators for sustainable development. For example, he is currently looking at the EU sustainability indicators and looking at the implementation status of the Europe 2020 strategy. Markus studied ecology at the University of Vienna (AT) and specialized in environmental economics and management as part of the interdisciplinary study program at the Vienna University of Economics and Business (AT).

Mariia Kostetckaia, M.A.
mariia.kostetckaia (at)
Tel.: +43-1-31336-5453

Monitoring Sustainable Development

Mariia Kostetckaia specialises in Sustainable Development Monitoring. She compiles Eurostat monitoring reports on sustainable development as well as reports on the implementation status of the Europe 2020 strategy. Mariia studied International Relations at the Saint Petersburg State University (RU) and recently obtained an international interdisciplinary Master degree in Global Studies from the University of Leipzig (DE) and the University of Vienna (AT), where she focused on international law and human rights.

Eric Thomas Mulholland, M.Sc.
eric.thomas.mulholland (at)
Tel.: +43-1-31336-6044

Governance for Sustainable Development

Eric Mulholland deals with various governance issues related to sustainability. He is responsible for writing the Quarterly Reports of the European Sustainable Development Network (ESDN), as well as for the organization of conferences and workshops within the ESDN. Eric is currently responsible for the coordination of the European Sustainable Development Week (ESDW). He completed his Master of Science in Sustainable Development, Management and Policy at the MODUL University Vienna. He specialized in governance for sustainable development and wrote his Master's thesis on effective participatory governance in smart cities and smart city initiatives, using Vienna and Seestadt Aspern as a case study.


Dr. Doris Schober
doris.schober (at)
Tel.: +43-1-31336-4268

Nonprofit organizations, personnel and volunteer management

Doris Schober is an expert on nonprofit organizations. Her expertise is characterized by many years of experience in evaluations and impact measurements as well as numerous research projects in the field of NPO. In addition to general management issues, she also specializes in personnel and volunteer management. In her studies of business administration at WU Vienna, she focused on marketing, business informatics and ecology and society. She wrote her dissertation on the subject of personnel management, job satisfaction and motivation in care and nursing organizations. As a certified Resilience Coach she also deals in particular with burdens, conflicts, crises, job satisfaction and motivation in organizations. In addition, she is the managing director of the NPO Institute, an association that wants to pass on knowledge practical and relevant to NPOs as a bridge between research and practice.

Angelo Spörk
angelo.spoerk (at)

Storytelling, Video Production

Angelo Spörk focuses on storytelling as part of the communication of the Living Innovation project. He has specialised in communication of complex scientific knowledge. In the Institute, he is involved in the recording and production of videos. Angelo previously worked as a radio presenter, editor and programme designer in Austria and Germany for more than 5 years. He also worked in the creative department of a Vienna-based FinTech startup. He is currently studying business law at the Vienna University of Economics and Business.


Patricia Urban, B.A. B.A.
patricia.urban (at)

Monitoring Sustainable Development

Patricia Urban specializes in monitoring sustainable development. She works on Eurostat monitoring reports on the implementation of the Europe 2020 Strategy and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Beyond that, she focuses on sustainability standards as well as responsible research and innovation. She is currently completing her Master’s degree in Socio-Ecological Economics and Policy at the Vienna University of Economics and Business. Next to her studies, she has been working as a journalist for several magazines, such as the online newspaper oekonews and the ÖH magazine progress.

Heike Christiane Vogel-Pöschl, M.Sc.
heike.christiane.vogel-poeschl (at)
Tel.: +43-1-31336-5671

Responsible Research & Innovation, Sustainability Standards

Heike Vogel-Pöschl is primarily concerned with Responsible Research and Innovation and Sustainability Standards. Her expertise is characterized by many years of experience in the field of sustainability management and reporting, as well as sustainable supply chain management. She studied social economics at the Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg (DE), combined with a study abroad to the Universidad de Guadalajara (MX). She then completed the international master's program in Sustainable Resource Management at the Technical University of Munich (DE). Through her work in the environmental departments of various companies and consultancies, she has gained valuable experience in the practical implementation of sustainability in companies. In addition, she worked as a research associate for the Department of Forest and Environmental Policy at the Technical University of Munich (DE) and the Institute for Sustainability in Technology and Economics at the OTH Amberg-Weiden (DE). In addition to her native language of German, she speaks English through her education as a certified foreign language correspondent and has further language skills in French and Spanish.

Silvia Waldbach, B.A.
silvia.waldbach (at)
Tel.: +43-1-31336-6431

Responsible Innovation, Impact Assessment

As a research assistant at the Institute of Managing Sustainability, Silvia Waldbach specialises in responsible innovation and impact assessment. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in International Cultural and Business Studies at the University of Passau (D) with a special focus on Southeast Asian studies and human rights. During stays abroad in Laos, Thailand and Indonesia, she improved her foreign language skills and gained experience in international development cooperation and human rights policy. She is currently completing her Master’s degree in International Business Administration at the University of Vienna where she specialises in the European business landscape, CSR and marketing.