Institut für Nachhaltigkeitsmanagement
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Head of In­sti­tute

Picture of Andre Martinuzzi

a. Prof. Dr. André Martinuzzi
andre.martinuzzi (at)

Tel.: +43-1-31336-4698

Evalu­ation, CSR, Sus­tain­able Devel­op­ment, Know­ledge Broker­age

Re­search Team

Mag. Al­ex­an­der Auer
al­ex­an­der.auer1 (at)
Tel.: +43-1-31336-4776

Re­search fel­low
Re­gion­al-, Cluster- and In­nov­a­tion Policy

Picture of Gerald Berger

Mag. Ger­ald Ber­ger, MSc.
ger­ald.ber­ger (at)

Tel.: +43-1-31336-4807

Senior Fel­low and Pro­ject Man­ager
Sus­tain­ab­il­ity Strategies, Sus­tain­able Con­sump­tion, Good Gov­ernance

Alessia Bern­ardo, Msc.
alessia.bern­ardo (at)
Tel.: +43-1-31336-6016

Re­search Fel­low
Gov­ernance for Sus­tain­able Devel­op­ment, 2030 Agenda

Picture of Asya Dimitrova

Asya Di­mitrova, MA
asya.di­mitrova (at)

Tel.: +43-1-31336-5453

Re­search Fel­low
Mon­it­or­ing Sus­tain­able Devel­op­ment, Evalu­at­ing R&I

Picture of Andreas Endl

Mag. Andreas Endl
andreas.endl (at)

Tel.: +43-1-31336-5452

Re­search Fel­low
Sus­tain­able Con­sump­tion and Pro­duc­tion, Min­er­als Policy, Gov­ernance

Picture of Florian Findler

Florian Find­ler, MSc
florian.find­ler (at)
Tel.: +43-1-31336-5133

Teach­ing and Re­search As­so­ci­ate
Cor­por­ate Sus­tain­ab­il­ity, Sus­tain­ab­il­ity in Higher Edu­ca­tion

Picture of Markus Hametner

Mag. Markus Hamet­ner
markus.hamet­ner (at)

Tel.: +43-1-31336-5135

Senior Fel­low and Pro­ject Man­ager
Mon­it­or­ing and Evalu­ation, Sus­tain­ab­il­ity In­dic­at­ors

Picture of Katharina Jarmai

Dr. Kath­ar­ina Jar­mai
kath­ar­ina.jar­mai (at)
Tel.: +43-1-31336-5830

Re­search Fel­low and Pro­ject man­ager
Re­spons­ible Re­search and In­nov­a­tion, FTI Poli­cy-­mak­ing

Eric Tho­mas Mul­hol­land, Msc.
eric.tho­mas.mul­hol­land (at)
Tel.: +43-1-31336-6044

Re­search Fel­low
Gov­ernance for Sus­tain­able Devel­op­ment, Smart Cit­ies

Mag. Car­oline Nwa­for, BA
car­oline.nwa­for (at)

Tel.: +43-1-31336-5136

Re­search fel­low
Re­spons­ible Re­search & In­nov­a­tion, Non-Fin­an­cial Re­port­ing

Ren­ate Ruech, BSc.
ren­ate.ruech (at)
+43 1 31336 - 6052

Re­search fel­low
Mon­it­or­ing Sus­tain­able Devel­op­ment

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Mag. Pa­tri­cia Schind­ler
pa­tri­cia.schind­ler (at)
Tel.: +43-1-31336-4892

Re­search Fel­low
Sus­tain­ab­il­ity Im­pacts of Mul­tina­tional Com­pan­ies

Picture of Norma Schönherr

Norma Schönherr, MSc.
norma.schoen­herr (at)
Tel.: +43-1-31336-5454

Re­search Fel­low and Pro­ject Man­age­ment
CSR and Busi­ness in Global Devel­op­ment

Picture of Adele Wiman

Adele Wiman, MSc.
adele.wiman (at)
Tel.: +43-1-31336-5717

Re­search Fel­low
CSR, Global Devel­op­ment