Die Erholunsgzone vor dem D4 Gebäude über dem Brunnen.

Current courses

Winter term 2022/23

FREY R.: Continuous Time Finance

FRÜHWIRTH-SCHNATTER S.: Bayesian Econometrics I

FRÜHWIRTH-SCHNATTER S., FREY R.: Research Seminar in Statistics and Mathematics

FRÜHWIRTH-SCHNATTER S., HORNIK K.: PhD Research Seminar in Mathematics for Economics and Business

NESLEHOVA J.: Extreme Value Theory

PÖTZELBERGER K.: Mathematical Statistics

REUTTERER T., FRÜHWIRTH-SCHNATTER S.: New Perspectives in Business and Econometrics

Past semester

  • BLUM CH., RAIDL G.: Metaheuristics and Hybrid Methods for Combinatorial Optimization

  • BOMZE I., RICHTARIK P.: Stochastic Gradient Descent Methods

  • EISENBERG P.: Stochastic Processes

  • FREY R.: Continuous Time Finance

  • FREY R.: Stochastic Control Theory and Applications in Financial Mathematics

  • FRÜHWIRTH-SCHNATTER S.: Bayesian Econometrics I

  • FRÜHWIRTH-SCHNATTER S.: Bayesian Econometrics II

  • FRÜHWIRTH-SCHNATTER S.: Advanced Topics in Bayesian Econometrics

  • GRÜN B.: Computational Statistics

  • GRÜN B.: Statistical Learning

  • JAMMERNEGG W., RABTA B., REINER G.: Operations Modelling and Decision Analysis - Interdisciplinary Research Seminar

  • PÖTZELBERGER K.: Mathematics and Statistics

  • PÖTZELBERGER K.: Functional Analysis

  • REINER G., TAUDES A., WAKOLBINGER T., KUMMER S.: Interdisciplinary Research Seminar

  • RUDLOFF B.: Convex Analysis

  • WAKOLBINGER T., TRICOIRE F.: Research in Supply Chain Management

  • WILLIAMSON D.: Approximation Algorithms