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Sustainability Networks

WU is actively engaged in regional and international (academic) sustainability networks. STaR represents WU in several of these.


WU is committed to the Principles for Responsible Management Education. STaR participates in the LEAP working group. We also represent WU at Chapter DACH.


STaR is on the Advisory Board of the global Network for Business Sustainability and will co-host the 5th biennial Workshop for leaders of sustainability research centers in July 2021.


STaR is actively involved in the Copernicus Alliance, a European network of higher education institutions seeking to promote sustainable development.


WU is a member of the Global Business School Network, which seeks to increase the positive impact of business schools on sustainable development.


WU is a founding member of the ENGAGE.EU alliance, which focuses on tackling grand challenges and fostering societal engagement. STaR actively contributes to several strands of activities.


WU is a cofounder of the Societal Impact and Global Management Alliance (SIGMA). STaR team is involved in promoting, among things, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the virtual classroom.


WU is a member in the Alliance of Sustainable Universities in Austria. STaR actively contributes to the network and has cohosted some of its quarterly meetings.


STaR is a member of the Climate Change Center, a coordinating organization for the promotion of climate research in Austria.


The RCE Vienna (colleagues of STaR) is a member of the international RCE network that consists of around 170 UN-certified science-society interfaces around the globe.