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Bundling and sharing knowledge across different disciplines and making academic research accessible to a broader public are central to our mission.

Comparative Green HRM

STaR WU Faculty Member Michael Müller-Carmen from Human Resource Management Institute, together with Marcus Wagner at the University of Augsburg, are currently leading a cross-institutional research project on Comparative Green HRM. Green HRM studies the many different aspects of HRM that concern long-term environmental sustainability. For more information about other research projects on sustainability at the WU Vienna Institute for Human Resource Management, please click here (in German).

Finding a Sustainable Fit

The international research study aims to explore the critical role of Human Resource Management in embedding corporate responsibility and sustainability among employees, management and executive leadership. The project is carried out in a collaborative effort between Prof. Dr. Günter Stahl and Marlene Gruber, MSc. MIM, at WU Vienna, and Prof. Dr. Jürgen Deller and his team at Leuphana University. The group is currently inviting internationally operating organizations interested in the topic to join the project. For more information about the research project and how to participate, please click here.