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Sharing ideas and vision for our society, politics and culture post-Corona


An online vision-exchange initiative UmBruch invites ideas and vision for our society, politics and culture post-Corona. . .

The COVID-19 crisis has put our societies’ underlying agreements and assumptions under the magnifying glass and up for discussion. At an online initiative UmBruch, authors from diverse fields of life – including academia, education, media, the arts, policy making and civil society – publish their visions for our collective future. They dare to think big and outside the box, imagining a utopia in which indeed no one is left behind. Founded by STaR Intellectual Community fellow Judith Kohlenberger and colleagues, the platform provides space for a broad and open dialogue in a time of widespread societal and political transformation.

Umbruch is also looking for your ideas, inputs and contributions. Find out more about how to contribute a piece at https://www.umbruch.at/mitreden (in German) or contact us for information in English via umbruch@umbruch.at.

Check out our most recent panel discussion on the future of our economic system post Corona here (in cooperation with WU Alumni Club): https://vimeo.com/427325018

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