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Sustainable Economics and Business II (ZuWi II) Awards


Celebrating the outstanding theses written by WU's undergraduate students on the sustainable development topics...

Back in May 2020, the study module Sustainable Economics and Business II (ZuWi II) at WU initiated an award for excellent Bachelor’s theses written on topics dealt with in this module. The award promotes the visibility of outstanding performance by WU’s undergraduate students and aims, at the same time, to motivate students in Business Administration to further explore and critically reflect the embeddedness of economic activities in social and ecological contexts.

This year, the jury presented the award to Christoph Wolf with his thesis “Political Microtargeting: A Threat to the Democratic Process? An analysis based on the example of Cambridge Analytica” (written in German).

In his work, Christoph examines the phenomenon of microtargeting, a communication strategy that is increasingly used in political discourse. He aims to clarify the question of whether and to what extent strategies of microtargeting could challenge the free formation of opinion and thereby the democratic process. You can read an interview with Christoph, in which he explains his motivation for his research on the Department website.

We congratulate Christoph Wolf and look forward to future nominations! 

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