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Sustainability @WU


A new page on our website provides both, important information and fun facts about all-things-sustainability at WU Vienna. . .

Did you know. . .

  • . . . that every year WU Campus Management team issues the newest statistics on resource consumption, challenges and improvements on our campus (and that day-to-day numbers are displayed on the Energy Screen in the Teaching Center)?

  • . . . which of our university’s (bi-)annual reports include data on environmental sustainability and social responsibility?

  • . . . that WU’s recent Research Impact brochure focuses on SDG-related knowledge produced by our faculty?

  • . . . that every semester WU students can choose anywhere between 80 and 100 courses on environmental and/or social sustainability at Bachelor’s, Master’s, PhD levels?

  • . . .  how many people kept coming to work every day during the COVID-19 lockdown to keep our campus clean, disinfected and safe?

  • . . . in which national and international sustainability-specific networks WU is an active member?

  • . . . which sustainability-oriented student organizations call WU campus their home?

  • . . . what you could do as a student, staff, or faculty, to promote environmental leadership and social responsibility on our campus?


Until now, despite buzzing with important sustainability-related activities, WU has not had a site dedicated to gathering the different information and posting it in one place. This summer, our team at STaR made it our project to fill this gap. With the help of our graduate student assistant Dorian, we put together a site where readers can find information on and links to WU’s annual and special reports, local and global sustainability networks to which university actively contributes, an overview of sustainability curriculum at WU, purpose-driven student organizations on our campus and in Vienna, as well as ways to get involved.

We also drew a list of fun facts on environmental sustainability and social responsibility, which we hope will be of interest! We’ll be posting these and other facts one at the time on our social-media channels throughout the Winter semester. Stay tuned!

As always, we very much appreciate feedback, so if you have any comments or ideas on how to enhance this site or its contents, let us know (you do not have to currently study or work at WU): star@wu.ac.at  

Thank you for visiting Sustainability @WU!

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