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Responsible leadership during the corona crisis (Dec. 9)


Join us for this timely discussion at the WU Matters WU Talks public lecture series. . .

Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, we have seen examples of people from all walks of life demonstrating exemplary leadership – and we have seen decision-makers fail miserably. In all these cases, there are important lessons to be learned. It is also a chance to discuss what leadership in a crisis really means and to identify best practices to help us be better prepared for future crises, as well as an opportunity to celebrate the many everyday leaders who emerged from this crisis and demonstrated responsible leadership.

Keynote: Co-Director, Competence Center STaR

Followed by a panel discussion

Panelists will include business practitioners, academics, and activists.

Moderator: Milda Zilinskaite, Senior Scietist & Manager at STaR

The event will be live-streamed online.

More event details:https://www.wu.ac.at/en/wumatters/terminkalender/details/detail/responsible-leadership-during-the-coronavirus-crisis

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