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International movement StudentsAgainstCorona: updates from WU


As students worldwide continue teaming up to help their communities fight the COVID-19 outbreak, STaR would like to shed light on this initiative at our university. . .

Back in early April, three WU students opened a local chapter of the international student-movement StudentsAgainstCorona [in German]. This voluntary initiative, started at Oxford University, (www.studentsagainstcorona.co.uk), has spread to campuses across 15+ countries and several continents. Its main purpose is to help communities affected by the coronavirus pandemic. 

During the COVID-19 lockdown in Vienna, over 200 students signed up to volunteer, helping others in need, with anything from getting groceries delivered to the door, to taking pets out, helping school-age students with homework and free online tutoring, checking-in phone calls, fundraising for hand sanitizers and face masks, and more. Now that the lockdown rules in Austria have been eased, our participants continue providing operational support to StudentsAgainstCorona in other countries.

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/studentsagainstcorona.co.uk/

Website:  http://studentsagainstcorona.co.uk/de/

Lessons learned from this initiative? We can do much more together than we can do alone! Thank you for your help! 

[StudentsAgainstCorona Team at WU: Nadine Begic, Max Maubach, and Markus Wild; this news entry was prepared with support from STaR]

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