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Ecosia: search engine that fights climate change is gaining popularity on WU campus


A student-driven initiative at WU promotes the use of a search engine that plants trees and fights for a better climate. . .

Ecosia – the first carbon negative search engine – uses the earnings it receives from advertising to plant trees worldwide. The Ecosia on Campus initiative seeks to increase the use of this engine at WU. The movement was initiated by a group of students from oikos Vienna: a student organization that promotes sustainable economics and management education.

The project started at the beginning of this year, and since, more and more students and staff have chosen Ecosia over other search engines, thus contributing to positive impact. Each search request actively removes 1kg of CO2 from the air. The project’s findings show that within the first three months, WU students and staff captured nearly 7,000kg of CO2 from the air and financed 74 trees. All that by just searching the web!

To join the initiative, use the following link to install Ecosia as a browser extension on your computer or as an application on your mobile devices:  https://ecosia.co/WUVienna

If you are already using Ecosia, to make sure that the trees are added to the WU tree counter, please uninstall Ecosia, delete the cookies and then reinstall it via the same link: https://ecosia.co/WUVienna

More news and updates can be found on the initiative’s Facebook site and Instagram.

[This text was written by oikos Vienna, with the help of STaR. STaR is not responsible for external links and social media posts on this topic]

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