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Dancing with monsters


The latest book by STaR's Christian Rammel...

What is perfection? – Tomorrow's disaster! 

What happens to the fittest? – He bites the dust first! 

And conventional business mantras? - Sooner or later, they will drive us against a wall in this increasingly complex world! 

Applied to entrepreneurial action in times of crisis, Charles Darwin's findings can hit like a bomb! The theory of evolution ruthlessly shows why sacred cows like efficiency or stability should be slaughtered and why concepts like diversity or cooperation that are often ridiculed can be real game changers. 

"Dancing with Monsters" combines science-based storytelling with the latest findings from the colorful treasure chest of evolution, free from the straitjacket of conventional economic thinking. The result: An entirely new view of the world and 15 very specific rules for successfully dealing with crises.

To access the German edition, click here.

The English edition is still in the making.

Christian Rammel is the Head of the RCE Vienna and responsible for Third Mission at STaR.


Was ist Perfektion? – Das Desaster von morgen!
Was passiert dem Fittesten? – Er beißt am schnellsten ins Gras!
Und konventionelle Business-Mantras? - Sie fahren uns in dieser immer komplexer werdenden Welt über kurz oder lang mit Höchstgeschwindigkeit gegen die Wand!

„Der Tanz mit den Monstern“ vereint wissenschaftlich fundiertes Storytelling mit dem leichtfüßigen Tanz eines kleinen darwinistischen Monsters, frei von der Zwangsjacke konventionellen wirtschaftlichen Denkens. Das Ergebnis: Ein völlig neuer Blick auf die Welt und 15 ganz konkrete Regeln für den erfolgreichen Umgang mit Krisen.

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