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Brand New WU Energy Screen in the TC Building!


From now on, WU students, faculty, staff, and visitors can see how much electricy and water have been consumed on our campus. . .

The WU Energy Screen can be seen from the ground floor of the main entrance to the Teaching Center (upper left corner, next to the entry to elevators). This rather unique method to make our campus‘ electricity and water consumption more transparent and visible to all is the result of a collaborative effort by the WU Environmental Management and WU IT Services teams. The opening ceremony on Nov 13. was led by the Vice-Rector for Digitalization and Infrastructure, Tatjana Oppitz, head of the Campus Management, Christof Kecht, and IT System manager Marion Neuhold.

The Screen displays the exact numbers for daily energy, electricity and water consumption in the different buildings on campus, as well as the annual averages.

STaR would like to invite everyone who’s planning to stop by the TC Building today to take a good look and think of what each of us can do right here right now to get those numbers ever lower.

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