Course Overview

In the German-taught bachelor’s program Business, Economics and Social Sciences (Wirtschafts- und Sozialwissenschaften, WiSo), institute faculty members contribute to the lecture series Sustainable Economics and Business I (Zukunftsfähiges Wirtschaften I, ZuWi I), and teach numerous courses in different majors.

This includes the two majors in Business Administration (Betriebswirtschaftslehre, BW) and International Business Administration (Internationale Betriebswirtschaftslehre, IBWL), which feature courses in Sustainable Economics and Business II (Zukunftsfähiges Wirtschaften II, ZuWi II). Course topics covered by institute faculty include sustainable consumption, sustainable work, and cultural sustainability. Additionally, students in these two majors as well as the Information Systems major (Wirtschaftsinformatik, WINF) are offered training in Methods of Empirical Social Research.

More information on these specific modules is available on the German version of the webpage in ZuWi I, ZuWi II and Methods for empirical social research.

The institute’s teaching portfolio also encompasses a number of courses in the in Economics and Socioeconomics major (Volkswirtschaftslehre und Sozioökonomie, VWL & SozÖk). This includes courses which are compulsory for all students in this major, such as Economic Sociology and Introduction to Methods of Empirical Social Research, and more specific courses for students specializing in socioeconomics. For these students, the course program focuses on further education in quantitative and qualitative research methods, social science theories, and organizational analysis as well as on questions of social structure and change, transformations of work, and challenges for creative industries.

You can find more information on the profile and requirements for the Economics and Socioeconomics major in the section Economics & Socioeconomics Major.

In the bachelor’s program Business Law (Wirtschaftsrecht, WiRe), institute faculty offer courses on law and sustainability in the module Sustainable Economics and Business for Legal Professionals (Zukunftsfähiges Wirtschaften für JuristInnen).

In the English-taught bachelor’s program Business and Economics, institute faculty contribute to the module Foundations of Socioeconomics and teach various courses in the specialisation Interactions of Economy and Society.

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Module ZuWi II