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The Institute of Sociology and Social Research is linked with two professorships - in Economic Sociology and in Quantitative Social Research. In addition, the academic staff of the Institute includes a number of associate professors, which are specialised, among others, in qualitative research methods, social theoretical perspectives, organisational analysis, and the sociology of sustainable development.

Our research is concerned with the interrelations of economy and society, which includes aspects of politics and law, nature and culture. Moreover, a focus of our work is to further develop social research methods and promote their sophisticated use in addressing complex socioeconomic questions.

In this section of our homepage, you will find information on the Institute’s research areas, publication record, and research seminar series. Detailed information on the research focus and publications of all Institute members is available via their individual pages under Team. A list of all publications of current and former staff members is available in the research data base of WU.

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