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Master thesis

If you are interested in writing a Master's thesis on a socio-political or health economics topic in German or English, please contact us. You can apply directly with an exposé or you must submit an exposé after an initial interview.

In addition to the quality of the exposé, we will also take into account whether you have successfully completed courses in social policy or health economics or are otherwise particularly interested in the topic of the thesis.

In the overview of supervisors, you will find the thematic focus and, in some cases, specific topic suggestions. However, you are also welcome to suggest a topic with a socio-political or health economics focus yourself.

For information regarding Master theses in the SEEP Master we advise SEEP students to contact the program assistant, Dorothy Kopel for the most recent version of the according SEEP guidelines.

Exposé specifications

Master thesis requirements

Supervisors, topics and focal points

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