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The Austrian Health Economics Association (ATHEA) is a scientific association under Austrian law. It was founded in 2012 as a platform to promote joint activities and academic exchange between researchers in Austria in the field of health and care economics. Only persons working in these research areas can be full members.

History of ATHEA

In the past, it turned out that the most intensive contacts between Austrian researchers took place at international conferences. There was no comprehensive (national) networking opportunity in Austria. There was also no collective contact for international scientific associations, such as the IHEA (International Health Economics Association). This realization gave rise to the idea of founding a corresponding scientific association in Austria. This was implemented with the entry in the register of associations on 14.11.2012.

Mission of ATHEA

ATHEA has set itself the following goals:

  • Promoting scientific exchange in the field of health economics and health policy in Austria

  • Linking up with international associations, such as the EuHEA (European Health Economics Association), where it has a seat and a voice

  • Promoting the exchange of knowledge with international researchers, politicians and the public by organizing events such as conferences, panel discussions and seminars

  • increasing understanding of the research field of health economics

  • Promoting young researchers, in particular by organizing events that bring together early career researchers and their work with the expertise of senior researchers