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Wlömert, Nils, Papies, Dominik (2019). International Heterogeneity in the Associations of New Business Models and Broadband Internet with Music Revenue and Piracy. International Journal of Research in Marketing. 36 (3), 400-419. (link)


[Translate to English:] Prof. Peter Zubscek

Research Seminar Talk by Peter Zubcsek, Tel Aviv University (IL)

The fourth and final speaker for the winter semester 2021/2022 at our research seminar was Peter Zubcsek from Tel Aviv University. Peter presented a timely project on how privcay can be preserved when…

[Translate to English:] Logo Libro Abschlusspräsentation

Multichannel strategies for LIBRO

After an exciting semester, the final report of our Retail Marketing Consulting project on "Customer Expectations and Success Factors in Omni-Channel Management" is ready. This week, the results were…

[Translate to English:] Portrait Katharina Binder _Krieglstein

Expert talk on price-monitoring

Katharina Binder-Krieglstein, Head of Marketing Research at Rewe International, held the final guest lecture of this semester’s expert talk series on “Price Monitoring in Grocery Retailing”. The…

[Translate to English:] Screenshot vom Praxisdialog

Praxisdialog – in conversation with Alexandra Vetrovsky-Brychta, Präsidentin des DMVO

Alexandra Vetrovsky-Brychta, president of the DMVO, Austrian’s largest communication association with more than 1,000 members, visited us this week for another expert talk.  Due to her current…

[Translate to English:] Praxisdialog Vortragende

Praxisdialog – in conversation with Amata Ring, Account Director GfK

For this expert talk, we could invite Amata Ring, Account Director at europanel. At europanel, they measure data from 450,000 households in 58 different countries. In Austria, 4,000 households…

[Translate to English:] ECR Tag 2021

ECR Academic Student Awards 2021: We congratulate!

Our sincere congratulations to all winners of this year’s ECR Academic Student Award. Two students from our institute were awarded prizes in the category of bachelor theses: Lisa S. was awarded 3rd…

[Translate to English:] v.l.n.r. Dr. Cordula Cerha, Maurice Beurskens und Prof. Nils Wlömert

Praxisdialog – in conversation with Maurice Beurskens, CEO of the online supermarket Gurkerl.at

If anyone ever wondered what the link between pickles and sourdough bread was: our last expert talk speaker is the answer! Maurice Beurskens is the founder of the famous sourdough bakery Öfferl and…

[Translate to English:] "Goldenes Regal" für Professor Schnedlitz

Award Ceremony „Goldenes Regal 2021“

After a break due to Covid-19, the “REGAL Branchentreff” could finally take place in person! In the Reed Exhibitions Messe Wien, well-known industry experts and retail professionals could meet and…

[Translate to English:] H&M Kick-Off

Kickoff: Retail & Marketing Specialization

Finally, back on campus, our kickoff session for this year’s specialization could take place with all safety measures in the “Audimax”. This allowed us to personally get in touch with our students and…

[Translate to English:] MTH Retail Group

Kicking the semester off with the MTH Group

Our successful expert talk series „Praxisdialog“, introduced by Prof. Schnedlitz in 1992 could finally go back on Campus after one and a half years of distance teaching. We are excited to continue the…