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Wlömert, Nils, Papies, Dominik (2019). International Heterogeneity in the Associations of New Business Models and Broadband Internet with Music Revenue and Piracy. International Journal of Research in Marketing. 36 (3), 400-419. (link)


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Project wrap up with Sonnentor

Congratulations to all students in the Retail Marketing Consulting course! After an intensive study of the Sonnentor brand this summer semester, we presented the results to Johannes Gutmann and Berndt…

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Sparkling guest lecture with Schlumberger

It was a sparkling lecture indeed, with Benedikt Zacherl, CEO of Schlumberger Wein- und Sektkellerei GmbH and Vice President Continental Europe at Sastre. He showed us how brand building in the…

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Guest lecture with Hofer

This week in the “Retailing & Sales” course in the Master Marketing programme at WU, Karin Viechtbaur and Markus Chaloupka, Regional directors at Hofer, gave us an insight into the retail brand’s…

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“Praxisdialog” with Dorotheum Juwelier

This week's talk in our guest lecture series “Praxisdialog” sparkled and twinkled! Our heartfelt thanks go to our guest lecturer Karin Saey, Head of Retail at Dorotheum, who took us on a journey…

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Key account management from a practical perspective

It is always nice to welcome graduates back to WU. As a guest lecturer on the "Retailing & Sales" course in the Master's programme, Michael Spitzer gave a very authentic account of his experiences in…

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Praxisdialog with iki

It's not about which tool you have, but rather how you use it. Even more important, however, is what it is used for! Christoph Bodner, Head of Business Insights & Analytics at iki (a subsidiary of…

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Expert Dialog with Erika Ummenberger-Zierler

This week, we had the pleasure of welcoming Erika Ummenberger-Zierler, Head of the Competition Policy and Law Department at the Federal Ministry of Labour and Economy, to our guest lecture series…

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Start in the Summersemester with Sonnentor

We started the summer semester with Sonnentor. Johannes Gutmann, founder and owner of the company and sustainability pioneer, gave a fascinating talk about the roots of the company, the challenges of…

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Project presentation for Shan'shi

As Austrians are becoming bolder in their culinary tastes, Asian food is increasingly popular for at-home consumption. Against this backdrop, students on the Retail Marketing Consulting course were…

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The Future of Shopping Centers

According to Paul Douay, Director of Retail Operations Germany and Austria at Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield, the question of whether bricks-and-mortar retail has a future is the wrong one. It's more about…