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Content and Objectives

The SBWL Public and Nonprofit Management is offered as a specialization in the bachelor program: ‘Wirtschafts- und Sozialwissenschaften in den Studienzweigen Betriebswirtschaft und Internationale Betriebswirtschaft‘ as well as in the bachelor program: ’Wirtschaftsrecht‘.

Students of the SBWL gain a comprehensive insight into the interaction and overall management of state, private sector and civil society actors in the context of public service provision (public governance). The management of public and nonprofit organizations differs from profit-oriented companies in particular in terms of the plurality of objectives and its variety of stakeholders.

By dealing with the diversity of the actors involved and the associated organizational problems, students learn to understand complex interrelationships, and are thus prepared for the special challenges in this environment. We attach great importance to practical and application-oriented learning.

The SBWL is designed to prepare students for a career start as well as for a more advanced master's degree in (general) management, public management/administration, non-profit management, or similarly positioned programs.

With our SBWL we want to address the following target groups:

  • Students who aspire to a career as an executive in a public or non-profit organization;

  • People already employed in the public or non-profit sector who wish to acquire business management knowledge in the context of a part-time degree course;

  • Students who will come into intensive contact with public organizations and institutions in their future profession.

In view of the diverse tasks that graduates of this SBWL will take on in their professional lives, we place correspondingly high demands on our students and their commitment. Of course, we also place the same demands on our program and our lecturers.