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SBWL Public und Nonprofit Management (BSc, LL.B.)

The ‘spezielle Betriebswirtschaftslehre‘ (SBWL) Public and Nonprofit Management is a cooperation between the Institute for Public Management & Governance and the Institute for Nonprofit Management. It deals with the management of public and nonprofit organizations in the interaction between management, economic, legal, political, and social challenges.

Criteria such as impact, effectiveness, and efficiency are becoming increasingly important in the decision-making in the public and nonprofit sectors. In addition, relevant questions of public governance result from various intra and inter-sectoral collaborations, as well as from various administrative reforms. Keywords such as managerialization, public sector leadership, impact measurement, social entrepreneurship, and civic engagement shape the debate.

In order to meet these challenges, public and nonprofit organizations increasingly need employees, managers and consultants with business management qualifications. By working on concrete problems and projects using scientific findings, approaches and methods, the SBWL aims to convey and deepen professional theoretical and application-related skills in a practical way.