Claudia Ringhofer

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Since 2009, Claudia Ringhofer (geb. Weninger) has been a junior researcher of the Project Management Group, WU - Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU Vienna). Born in 1985, Claudia holds a Magister Degree in Project Management and IT from the University of Applied Sciences bfi Vienna and a doctoral degree in Project Management of the WU Vienna.

Her research focuses on sustainable development in project initiation and project management as well as stakeholder management in the context of sustainable development. She was a project team member of the research project "SustPM" and currently, she is working as a team member in the PMI-sponsored research project, "Rethink!PSM" (Rethink project stakeholder management).

She is a certified IPMA, junior project manager, and active member of PMI. In the PMI Austria Chapter, Claudia is responsible for project management research and education at universities and universities of applied sciences throughout Austria.

Selected publications:

Huemann, M., Eskerod, P., Weninger, C., 2014. Rethink Project Stakeholder Management. Newtown Square: PMI, forthcoming.

Gareis, R., Huemann, M., Martinuzzi, A., with the assistance of Weninger, C., Sedlacko, M., 2013. Project Management and Sustainable Development Principles. Newtown Square: PMI.

Weninger, C., Huemann, M., 2013. Project Initiation: Investment Analysis for Sustainable Development. in: Silvius, G., Tharp, J., 2013. Sustainablity Integration for Effective Project Management. US: IGI Global. 144 - 159.