Research Project: Rethink! PSM


  • Even though stakeholder management is a key to project success, still many project fail or are extremely challenged by project stakeholders.

  • The global request for considering sustainable development increases the need for project stakeholder management even more.

  • Practitioners and researchers alike need a deeper understanding on how to practice stakeholder management to support benefit creation.

Project objectives

  • Further develop project stakeholder management in the context of sustainable development to allow for co-creation of knowledge based on theory and practice.

  • As one of the main challenges in stakeholder management is to grasp the complexity of the project and the changing stakeholder relations, we seek to develop adequate working forms for practice.

  • Reflect on potentials and limitations of the proposed project stakeholder approach to better support benefits creation for project investors and other project stakeholders.

Project organisation

  • Principal researchers: a.o. Univ.Prof. Dr. Martina Huemann, Prof. Dr. Pernille Eskerod

  • Project manager and researcher: Dr. Claudia Weninger

  • Research assistants: Tamara Wehrstein, Sarah Friedrich

  • Constellation experts: Brigitte Sachs-Schaffer, Dr. Daniela Andratsch

  • Focus group contributors: Project management, stakeholder management and sustainable development experts

  • Practice partner contributors: Representatives of practice partners

Project schedule