Research Approach

Our research is based on a systemic constructivistic research paradigm, which combines:

  • Radical Constructivism

  • Social Systems Theory

  • Qualitative Social Research

Radical Constructivism

The definition "Radical Constructivism" was introduced by Ernst von Glasersfeld and aims to develop a modell of human cognition possibilities.

Social Systems Theory

The basics of this theory is the theory of self-referential social systems by Niklas Luhmann who divides systems into interaction systems, social systems and societies. An especially important characteristic is the development of specific structures as values, rules and environmental relationships, which exist independently of system members but compose the identity of any social system.

Qualitative Social Research

In most cases we follow an (explorative) qualitive research approach to allow for interpretation of empirical data, observation of a variety of characteristics in a cyclical research process, using multi methodes in case studies, focus on development of research propositions.