Claudia Euler-Rolle

Claudia Euler-Rolle is currently External Lecturer of Project Management at WU Vienna, University of Applied Sciences bfi Vienna, University of Applied Sciences Eisenstadt and College for Education in Lower Austria. Additionally, she is network partner of Roland Gareis Consulting and works as a Trainer and Consultant on time. Before that, Claudia worked as a Research and Teaching Assistant at the Department of Project Management, Department of Marketing, WU Vienna. She received her doctorate degree from WU Vienna in 2009.

Her teaching interests are anchored in core topics of project and programme management - including IT application. In recent years she has been working as a Lecturer for teachers at institutions of higher education such as HUMs, HAKs, BAKIPs etc. There, it is the aim to support teachers and pupils with project management tools for the development of the diploma thesis that every pupil has to write during the last year of education.