Lynn A. Keeys

Lynn A. Keeys is a visiting research fellow at the Project Management Group, WU Vienna University of Economics and Business.  She has over twenty-five years of experience primarily in program and project strategy, including leading design teams, and establishing and leading project, program and portfolio management offices.  Having worked in the international development field, she has important experience in international and intercultural settings.   She is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP ®).  She received her Ph.D. in Strategy, Program and Project Management at SKEMA Business School in Lille, France. 

Lynn’s research interests are in project and program strategy, especially emergent and transformational strategy in complex multi stakeholder environments, strategic link between the permanent and temporary organization, and sustainable development.  She has presented her research on emergent strategy in the context of project sustainable development at several academic and practitioner conferences.  Lynn is a reviewer for the International Journal of Project Management and is adjunct faculty at Boston University Metropolitan College. 


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