Einblick in eine Lernzone im LC Gebäude

Study Design and Procedure

We collected data in several companies in Austria, China, Germany, India, Ireland, and the USA.

Our study design consisted of a quantitative and a qualitative part. First, we conducted an online survey with team members and team leaders who answered questions of pro-environmental attitudes, environmentally friendly behavior at work, and other personality scales. Second, to gain deeper insights into Green HRM and sustainable behaviors, we interviewed HR managers, environmental managers, CSR managers, team members and department heads in the respective companies. The semi-structured interviews took about 60 minutes each and covered topics such as implemented Green HRM practices at the company, challenges of Green HRM and environmental sustainability, tensions in sustainability and the interviewees' coping strategies to deal with these ambivalences.

In total , 14 companies participated in our empirical study. With their help, we collected useable quantitative data from over 200 teams and over 1500 team members and leaders. We further conducted 120 interviews across several countries and subsidiaries. Thank you very much for participating in our study and for supporting our research project!

We are currently analyzing all qualitative and quantitative data and hope to give you an overview of our results soon.