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Study design, procedure and companies effort

In a nutshell

  • Ideally but not mandatory: 3 to 4 companies with offices in all four countries

  • For each country and company about 20 teams are needed

  • Teams in the study must have at least 3 members, plus a team leader in post for at least 1 year

  • Survey completed in two steps


Step 1: Survey using on-line questionnaires

  • Selection of teams

  • Anonymization guarantees individual names or team names are not traceable

  • About 15 minutes of time per team member to do the survey

  • For team leaders, the additional not mandatory part of the survey takes about 10 minutes extra

  • Questions ask about environmentally friendly behavior in the workplace


Step 2: Semi-structured interviews

  • 10 team members or team leaders from different areas of responsibility

  • Additional interviews with HR managers, environmental managers, CSR managers and department heads

  • Audio recording of interviews

  • About 60 minutes time needed for each interview, which are carried out by university scientists

  • Voluntary participation only – guarantees interviewees are anonymous – means your name and position are kept secret

  • Questions are about challenges and applied solutions for environmental issues in the workplace