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Comparative Green HRM

Empowering People – Transforming Organizations – Uniting Society


A research project of WU Vienna and the University of Augsburg

In November 2017, the international research project Comparative Green HRM, headed by Univ. Prof. Michael Müller-Camen, PhD and Univ. Prof. Dr. Marcus Wagner was initiated. Comparative Green HRM means that international comparisons of environmental strategies and practices (Green) are made in Human Resource Management (HRM).
The project is being carried out by the Vienna University of Economics and Business and the University of Augsburg, and is funded by the Austrian Sciences Fund (FWF) and the German Research Foundation (DFG). The project ended in March 2022.
This website gives you an overview of the goals and the people involved in the project. In addition, we descibe our current research output and give fist information on our international conference 2022.