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Children - Youth - Family

In various projects of the NPO Competence Center, children, youth and families have been and continue to be the focus of research interest in a wide variety of ways. Here is a selection of reference projects:

On the care complexity of children and adolescents

For some years now, professionals working with children and adolescents have been saying that difficult complex case histories or so-called multi-problem cases are increasing significantly. This was the starting point of a survey among long-term employees of nonprofit organizations working in child and youth care or therapy. In 2019, the NPO Competence Center was commissioned by Caritas Vienna, Diakonie Austria, SOS Kinderdorf, VKKJ and Vorarlberger Kinderdorf to find out to what extent the complexity of care for children and adolescents has changed over the past 20 years. For this purpose, a frequency and burden intensity index (HBI-I) was calculated, which revealed that care complexity has doubled in the period from 1999 to 2019. An analysis of the associated stresses crystallized clear themes where action is needed and where social space planning or management of the organizations can start.

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Impacts of open and associational youth work

The NPO Competence Center was funded by the Federal Ministry for Family and Youth to conduct a literature review on empirically proven effects of open and associational child and youth work and to analyze these findings using various categories. Specifically, the concept of the impact box developed by Schober/Rauscher (2017) was used. The aim of this study was to identify (overall social) effects of open and associational youth work on the basis of evidence.

A follow-up study will focus on the revision and continuation of the impact box. The literature analysis will be adapted and subsequently transferred into a database.

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SROI analysis on the social added value of the VKKJ - responsibility and competence for special children and young people

The NPO Competence Center was commissioned by VKKJ - Responsibility and Competence for Special Children and Adolescents, to analyze the social and economic effects of VKKJ in Lower Austria and Vienna. The association operates 9 outpatient clinics for developmental diagnostics, care and treatment of children and adolescents with disabilities and a day home for adults with disabilities. The monetized impacts of the organizations were about 10.7 times the financial investments made.

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