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Keynote speech "Social added value of employment-creating measures - the social return on investment perspective"

On 17 December 2021, the general meeting of AG ARBEIT in Baden-Württemberg took place as an online conference. In this context, Flavia Bogorin gave the keynote speech "Social added value of employment-creating measures - the perspective of social return on investment". In the lecture, the central results of the SROI analysis of the funding programme "Employment Vouchers", which is implemented by the Diakonisches Werk im Württemberg, were presented. This study was carried out within the framework of the Interreg SIV project. This example was used to show the benefits that measures to support labour market integration can bring from the perspective of society as a whole. This provided impulses for the subsequent expert discussion, in which Dr. Susanne Koch, operational manager of the Federal Employment Agency, Regional Directorate Baden-Württemberg, Beate Müller-Gemmeke and Dr. Martin Rosemann, the latter two members of the Bundestag on behalf of the Greens and the SPD respectively, took part. The aim of the discussion was to reflect on the potential of employment programmes and to explore ways in which political representatives can better and more effectively promote labour market integration.