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Study presentation "Demand plan Lower Austria"

"Demand plan for people with physical and sensory disabilities in Lower Austria"
Study presentation

Christiane Teschl-Hofmeister, Selma Sprajcer as well as via video call Martin Ladstätter at the press conference

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On 15 July 2021, the study, which had already been completed in 2020 and which identified a demand plan for people with physical and sensory disabilities until 2030, was presented at a press conference in the Landhaus St. Pölten. Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, this date was much later than the actual completion and handover of the findings to the province of Lower Austria, but now there was the opportunity to present the study to the public in front of media representatives.

Selma Sprajcer, Senior Researcher at the NPO Competence Center, played a major role in the study and was therefore invited to the press conference by Social Affairs Minister Christine Teschl-Hofmeister to explain the methodology of the study and its results: Over 1200 schools submitted questionnaires, and the demographic process was also analysed. Another pillar of data are the interviews with representatives of medicine, science and funding agencies. Martin Ladstätter from the association BIZEPS was also present via video message and emphasised the importance of numbers for modern social planning.

The three central conclusions of the study are:

  • Promotion of person-centred approaches to solutions

  • Use of advanced digitalisation and technological development

  • Strengthening the use of technology in early intervention and in schools

Numerous media reported on the study presentation. Click here to go to the project page.