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We have three main research areas:

  • Managerialism & governance: We examine how NPOs that are becoming more business-like are changing the way they function as service providers, advocates and community builders in society. We also investigate intended and unintended effects of impact measurement, and further effects of the rationalization of NPOs.

  • Social entrepreneurship, new philanthropy & social investment: New approaches such as social entrepreneurship, venture philanthropy and impact investment are characterized by the hybridization of business and philanthropic logics. We investigate the role of foundations in Austria, and patterns of social entrepreneurship.

  • Civic engagement & civil society: We are dedicated to mapping Austrian civil society and providing perspectives and data on volunteering, private giving, and civic engagement. Beyond mapping, we engage in theory-driven research on questions such as the impact of funding on NPOs' societal functions, the effects of volunteering on personalities, the effect of life-style on giving behavior, and the social selection of volunteers.

We engage in basic research, and co-operate with the Competence Center for Nonprofit Organizations and Social Entrepreneurship for applied research collaborations as well as stakeholder dialogue and dissemination.

Our publications