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Ewald Judt

After receiving his doctorate degree from WU, Ewald Judt made a carrier in the banking business and was there more than 30 years Managing Director of a bank specialized in payment systems. Beside his job he was active as a lecturer at WU for many years. In 2004, Ewald Judt was made an Honorary Professor of the WU where he is involved in teaching and research at the Institute for Marketing Management.

Ewald Judt's main fields of interest are bank marketing, innovations, two-sided markets, payment systems, branding, business models; customer loyalty, sales and service excellence. He is member of the Editorial Board of the publication series “Financial Services Management”, Weißensee Verlag (Berlin), as well as co-publisher of the periodicals "bank und markt" and "Karten-cards-cartes", both Fritz Knapp Verlag (Frankfurt/Main).

A list of his publications can be found under FIDES. A number of noteworthy publications are listed below:

  • Von Kunden empfohlen – Zehn Jahre Net Promoter Score – Eine kritische Würdigung.  Research & Results 6/2014 (Co-author: Robert Sobotka)

  • Bankmarketing & Bankmanagement – 125 Glossare zu Produkten, Methoden und Konzepten“. Fritz Knapp Verlag, Frankfurt/Main 2014 (Co-editor: Claudia Klausegger)

  • Возврaщaясь к идее Европейской системьı кaрточньıх плaтежей.  [1] Plus Journal 5/2014, [2] Plus Journal 6/2014 (Co-author: Malte Krüger)

  • Looking forward: Is there a future for a European card payments scheme? Cards & Payments Insights Vol. 3, Iss. 4, April 2014 (Co-author: Malte Krüger)

  • A European card payments scheme: Forever a phantom? Journal of Payments  Strategy and Systems, Vol. 7, No. 4, 2013-2014 (Co-author: Malte Krüger)

  • Sobotka, R., und Judt, E., Regionalität als Erfolgsfaktor bei Finanzdienstleistungen? der markt 4/2012

  • "PIN am POS auch für Kreditkarten? - Ein qualitative Evaluierung". Österreichisches Bank-Archiv 2/2012. (Co-authors: Alexander Zauner and Monika Koller)

  • "Methoden der Karteninhaber-Echtheitserkennung bei Finanztransaktionen". Kredit und Kapital 4/2010. (Co-author: Monika Koller)

  • "Zahlungsverkehrsinnovationen im Wandel der Zeit und ihre Vermarktung". E-Money, E-Payment und M-Payment (Hrsg. Thomas Lammer). Physica-Verlag, Heidelberg 2005

  • "Plastic Money Terminologie". 3rd extended and revised edition. Fritz Knapp Verlag, Frankfurt/Main 2004 (Co-author: Jeffrey Waldock)

  • "Barzahlungen versus bargeldlose Zahlungen am POS aus risikopolitischer Sicht". Österreichisches Bank-Archiv 4/2004

  • "Markenpolitik für Finanzdienstleistungen?" Handbuch Finanzvertrieb (Hrsg. O. Betsch und R. Wiechers). Fritz Knapp Verlag, Frankfurt/Main 1995