Admission to specialization Marketing and Consumer Research

In our SBWL Marketing and Consumer Research, learning is based on a mix of insights from top-tier international research as well as discussions of current practical applications. Therefore, it is of utmost importance for students of our SBWL, to bring interest in both, academic research as well as translating those insights into practice. Moreover, we encourage our students to be curious and think critically. This enables every single student not only to benefit from the classroom content but also from fellow students.

"I enrolled in the "Marketing and Consumer Research" specialization in WS21/22 and continued it in SS22. The program's first subject, “Consumer Psychology Behavior”, offers a broad range of theoretical foundational information while also applying it to real-world circumstances, making it both applicable and simple to understand. In the second class, “Consumer Touchpoint Management,” students get to put the knowledge gained in the first class to work on interactive projects both individually and in groups. The third class, “Research Methods in Marketing”, which focuses on how research is conducted − including qualitative and quantitative methods − bravely tackles the subject of statistics while highlighting the skills and expertise of the lecturers. The fourth course, "Marketing and Consumer Research Project," teaches students how to conduct market research in real-world scenarios. We collaborated with the WWF on the topic of "vegetarianism" during the semester I was enrolled in the course. The groups’ comprehensive findings provided answers to the questions that the WWF had about the subject. Students can choose from a variety of classes for the fifth course. I opted for "Marketing Insights," which featured a broad curriculum. Due to the engaging guest lectures, brand case studies, and excursion, this class is incredibly engaging. Overall, I can strongly recommend MCORE. It was the highlight of my time at the WU. Not only did I learn a lot in these classes, but the faculty was inspiring and highly competent, the classes were engaging and well-organized, and I made many wonderful friends with whom I am still in contact today."

Andrea Weidenholzer, Student at WU Vienna

Admission to our SBWL is composed of three parts:

Part 1 - Motivation letter

Part 2 - Reflection task: Your individual reflection on a current topic in marketing and consumer research

Part 3 - Success in your previous courses

Application Procedure Marketing and Consumer Research

Step 1Registration - eVVZRegister for the course “Access to Specialization: Marketing and Consumer Research“.
Step 2Uploading of documents on Canvas WUIf you have successfully registered for the course, you can find the document with the specific tasks which you have to fill in on Canvas WU, only during the window of application is open. Submission of your application is open for one week.
Step 3Decision on admissionAs soon as the time window for application closes, we will examine all application documents submitted via Canvas WU. We will inform you shortly after, whether you have been accepted to Marketing and Consumer Research.

Winter term 2024/2025:

Registration (eVVZ) for the course “Access to Specialization: Marketing and Consumer Research“ (0851) is open from August 29th until September 2nd, 2024.

Application (Canvas WU) to the specialization Marketing and Consumer Research is open from September 3rd until September 9th, 2024.

We are looking forward to your application and wish you luck!