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PC Work­sta­tions

All four lib­rar­ies are equipped with pub­lic com­puter ter­min­als. With your WU Stu­dent ID or lib­rary card you are auto­mat­ic­ally en­titled to use theses com­puters. Lo­gin with your WU lo­gin cre­den­tials (WU stu­dents and staff) or your lib­rary lo­gin cre­den­tials (ex­ternal libarry users).

The foll­wing soft­ware is in­stalled on the work­sta­tions:

7-Zip File Man­agerIr­fan­View
Adobe Ac­robat ReaderMi­crosoft Of­fice 2016
(Word, Power­Point, Ex­cel)
Adobe Flash PlayerVLC Me­dia Player
Co­rel PDF Fu­sionSys­tem Center
End­point Pro­tec­tion
Fire­foxWin­dows 10
In­ter­net Ex­plorer


Each lib­rary is equipped with several color book scan­ners. De­pend­ing on the model, the scan­ners can di­git­ize books up to A2 format and save the scans as PDF, TIF, or JPG files on an ex­ternal stor­age device (USB flash drive, ex­ternal hard disk drive, memory card) or send them as email at­tach­ments. Please note that the max­imum file size for email at­tach­ments is 8 MB. The scan­ners can be used free of charge.

Print­ers & Copy Ma­chines

There are no print­ers and copy ma­chines in the lib­rar­ies.

WU-stu­dents can use the print­ers in the print­ers in the PC labs of IT-SER­VICES.

For in­form­a­tion on the copy ma­chines, please see the Fac­ultas webpages (in Ger­man).

Self-Ser­vice Check­out

To bor­row books, lib­rary users have to use self-ser­vice check­out ma­chines. These ma­chines are avail­able in suf­fi­cient num­bers in the Cent­ral Lib­rary and the Lib­rary for So­cial Sciences. As a gen­eral rule, lib­rary users can simply take books from the shelves and bor­row them at the self-ser­vice check­out.


WU stu­dents, fac­ulty, and staff mem­bers can use WU's wire­less LAN.

Stu­dents, fac­ulty, and staff of other uni­versit­ies can get more in­form­a­tion on Wi-Fi ac­cess on IT SER­VICES web pages.

If you have any tech­nical ques­tions, please con­tact the IT SER­VICES Sup­port Center.

Assist­ive tech­no­logy room

Who can use the assist­ive tech­no­logy room?

The room is open to all lib­rary users with dis­ab­il­it­ies or impair­ments.

Which equip­ment is avail­able in the room?

  • Desktop PC
  • Video mag­ni­fier with tex­t-to-speech cap­ab­il­ity
  • PC work­sta­tion with re­freshable braille dis­play
  • Large-­print key­board
  • HD flat-screen mon­itor
  • Braille printer
  • Book scan­ner
  • Head­set with mi­cro­phone
  • Height-­ad­justable desks
  • Screen reader soft­ware with
    tex­t-to-speech cap­ab­il­ity
  • Screen mag­ni­fier
  • OCR soft­ware for scan­ning
    prin­ted text and read­ing
    it out aloud
  • Speech-re­cog­ni­tion soft­ware
    for dic­tat­ing doc­u­ments
  • Mul­ti-chan­nel pub­lish­ing tool
    for con­vert­ing prin­ted me­dia
    into ac­cess­ible, bar­ri­er­-­free doc­u­ments

Where is the assist­ive tech­no­logy room?

The assist­ive tech­no­logy room is located in the Cent­ral Lib­rary, level 4, room LC.4.026 (­Show=LC.4.026%20­VIP&setLng=en).

Who can I con­tact to get ac­cess to the room?

Ul­rike Ku­gler
Tel: +43-1-31336-5073

Sabine Kern­bichler
Tel: +43-1-31336-4911

Email: lib­