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POP Collection

The literature listed in the digital POP collection deals with the concepts of ownership and property mainly from a non-legal, human and social science perspective. It spans numerous disciplines and theories, ranging from anthropology over psychology, sociology, and history to law and political sciences. This makes the digital collection an internationally unique resource.

Why Possession, Ownership and Property?

These concepts play a fundamental role for individual behavior, social interactions and economic transactions. They are present when a workplace becomes home, when a child says “this is mine”, when spouses quarrel over the remote control and when a CEO signs an important contract.

About the collection

The POP collection is an evolving collection. It builds on a donation of multi-disciplinary books by Professor Floyd Rudmin (University of Tromsø), a prominent pioneer in the field. The print books are located in the WU Library, Room LC 5.293. The digital collection features bibliographical information on all these books as well as on further key readings in the field. Some of the articles and books are also available as full texts.

At the WU, the collection was initiated by the Institute for Marketing and Consumer Research (m.core), which also hosts TheScienceofOwnership.org, the only international blog on the topic.

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