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Email & Calendar

At WU mul­tiple email sys­tems are used sim­ul­tan­eously. Us­ing the Con­trolpanel, you can identify in which email sys­tem your mail­box is in­teg­rated in. To en­sure safe email cor­res­pond­ence, please note our IT se­cur­ity policy.

Please also mind our IT se­cur­ity re­com­mend­a­tions and be care­ful when open­ing emails and at­tach­ments from un­known senders.

Email Se­cur­ity

To pro­tect com­puters from spam and mal­ware, restrict­ive rules for WU email ad­dresses were set up. More in­form­a­tion on this topic is provided in the "Dir­ect­ive on the Re­jec­tion of Emails with Ob­jec­tion­able Con­tent" - the con­tents are sum­mar­ized in the boxes below.

Cent­ral SPAM Fil­ter

Anti-SPAM Block Lists

Greylis­it­ing – Delayed De­liv­ery of Emails

List of Blocked At­tach­ments

Mail­ing Lists and Dis­tri­bu­tion Lists

In ad­di­tion to your own mail­box at WU, mail­ing lists are used to com­mu­nic­ate in­form­a­tion ef­fect­ively. WU em­ploy­ees can find fur­ther in­form­a­tion on mail­ing lists on the in­tranet.

Fre­quently Asked Ques­tions

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