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WU Web­mail Sys­tems

Mul­tiple email-sys­tems are used at the WU sim­ul­tan­eously. Us­ing the Con­trolpanel you can identify in which email sys­tem your mail­box is in­teg­rated in.
> Con­trolpanel > Ac­count > Ac­count Info

WU em­ploy­ees
use either Mi­crosoft Outlook Web App (Ex­change) or the clas­sic web­mail, de­pend­ing on the type of their ac­count.

mainly use Of­fice 365, in some cases the clas­sic web­mail is still in use.

Mi­crosoft Outlook WebApp

for WU em­ploy­ees with an Ex­change ac­count.

Web­mail: ht­tps://

Clas­sic Web­mail

for WU em­ploy­ees without an Ex­change ac­count and for stu­dents who have en­rolled be­fore Janu­ary 1st 2013 and have not migrated to Of­fice 365 yet.

Web­mail: ht­tps://round­

Of­fice 365 Outlook WebApp

for stu­dents who have en­rolled after Janu­ary 1st 2013.

Web­mail:  ht­tps://