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Jan Gromadzki, Ph.D

Jan Gromadzki
Contact details

Phone: +43 (1) 31336 - 5603
E-Mail: jan.gromadzki@wu.ac.at

Personal details

Jan Gromadzki is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Economics and a Research Associate at the Research Institute Economics of Inequality at Vienna University of Economics and Business. He is also a Research Affiliate at IZA Institute of Labor Economics. His interests lie in labor economics, public economics, and political economy. In particular, he studies the effects of cash transfers, drivers of economic inequality, LGBTQ populations, and attitudes towards LGBTQ people.

  • Effects of cash transfers

  • LGBTQ and gender economics

  • Technological and institutional drivers of wage inequality

Teaching in the ongoing semester

Jan Gromadzki in summer term 2024


Journal article

2024 Gromadzki, Jan, Sałach, Katarzyna, Brzeziński, Michał. 2024. When populists deliver on their promises: the electoral effects of a large cash transfer programme in Poland. Read more
2021 Gromadzki, Jan, Magda, Iga, Moriconi, Simone. 2021. Firms and wage inequality in Central and Eastern Europe. Read more

Working Paper/Preprint

2023 Gromadzki, Jan, Doorley, Karina, Tuda, Dora , Lewandowski, Piotr, Van Kerm, Philippe. 2023. Automation and Income Inequality in Europe. Read more
2023 Gromadzki, Jan. 2023. Labor Supply Effects of a Universal Cash Transfer. Read more